Energy is extremely mysterious. It plays its role in many mysterious ways and one of them is its role in our houses, flats, room, factories, hospitals, lodge, restaurants, Inn, offices etc.  in short Vastu.  Whenever we construct building for any purpose, energy beings starts living there. Different kind of energy beings lives in different zone. Energy of things, colors and symbols and of beings also has an impact on us and vice versa.

What we see affect us, where we live affect us, what we have, wear, carry and even think affect us and our life. In short we live in a world where we get impact of every other things and vice versa.

What is Proper Vastu?

When everything is placed in the proper position where they belong which means proper activities, proper elements, and proper things, in its proper zones and when everything is balance then it brings happiness, joy, success, healthy and wealthy life.
Improper activities in different zones and imbalance with bring bad time, bad luck, obstacles, problems, accidents, poor health and wealth.
Therefore, it is indeed important to have a balance Vastu. But unfortunately there are several myths related to Vastu and improper knowledge of Vastu of many Vastu practitioner leads to many people to disbelief. A proper Vastu expert will give a proper remedy for a specific problems and one may start getting results from a couple of days to weeks depending on the situations and problems.
Proper Vastu avoid demolition, reconstruction and breaking things. One may get desired result by applying simple methods like using color strips, metals, changing or putting or shifting stuff from one place to another. Effects of invisible beings could also be solved by making changes to have a proper Vastu.
Improper Vastu may bring over all losses, pain, accidents, troubles, theft and bad time and so on…
Therefore, in order to bring positive energies in your life and within it is mandatory to have a proper Vastu or to have a proper alignment of energies. Without a proper Vastu it is extremely difficult to move ahead in life peacefully.

With the Combination of Energy Healing and Vastu one may overcome the following issues which at times seems impossible to deal with:-

Unhealthy Relationships

 Possessiveness, Jealousy, Checking up on partner, Being bossy, Afraid of partner and Fear of their reaction, Giving orders, Making decision, Violence in relationship, Chaos in family, Disagreement in  family, etc.

Physical issues

Infertility, Difficulty in trying to conceive, Asthma, Pain in body, Breast cancer, Liver disease, Lungs diseases, Heart diseases, Hiatal hernia, Diabetes, Thyroid, Stroke, Difficulty in swallowing, Abdominal cramp and pain, Abnormal heart rhythms, Abnormal liver enzymes, Abnormal vaginal bleeding, Absence of menstrual periods, Acquired brain injury, Bronchitis, Baby with health problems, Bedwetting, Back pain, Cervical spondylitis, Child behavior disorder, Arthritis and so on.

Mental issues

Depression, Stress, anxiety disorder, Trauma, Eating disorder, Insanity, Mood disorder, Intellectual disorder,  Sleep disorder, Obsessive compulsory, Confusion, Fatigue, Psychotic disorder like schizophrenia, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Personality disorder, Anxiety disorder, Mood disorder, Sexual and gender disorder, Somatic symptom disorder, etc

Financial issues

Losses/Hindrance in business, Promotion in service, Unavailability of job, Depth, Bankruptcy etc.

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