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SHRI ADIRAJ MAHARSHI is the magnificent phenomena of the energy world. He is Clairsentient, Claircognizent, Author, Energy Doctor/Healer , Meditation Guide, Intuitive coach, Energy Instructor, Spiritual Speaker, Founder & CEO of ABRDL.

He touched many lives by his great impact of life saving healing like suicidal tendencies, addictions, paralysis, coma, stroke, heart blockages, infections, panic attacks, violent patient, hallucination, diseased organs, bipolar disorder etc. He has been practicing meditation since last 23 years. He practices and teaches meditation, Healing, Energy class etc.

While meditating he gathered many experiences and knowledge. He understood how energy does it affect our everyday life. How do we welcome negative energy unconsciously and unwillingly. He also understood the reason why do we feel pain, grief, sorrow, obstacles, problems etc. and also understood how to solve these problems.

While exploring Energy World, he introduces new method of energy healing known as “Adiraj Brahmand Upchar” and other courses on meditation, protection etc. which is one of the safest methods for physical, mental, financial and spiritual issues and growth. As a lecturer he spreads knowledge and gives classes at different places such as Rajasthan, Orissa, Kolkata, Delhi etc. He gives lecture on different problems of life and it’s solution, he also gives classes on

Law of karma

Energy world


He wants to spread positive energy all around and makes everybody happy by giving them the proper knowledge so that everybody can live a peaceful and blissful life.

Witness yourself in the revolutionary change in this impeccable method of self healing invented for you to beat any disease because he believes in winning over all negativity and establishing a blessed world that is how ABRDL serve to humanity and mankind. He invented Many unique Healing techniques.

The Shuddhikaran Kriya

Madhya Shuddhikaran Kriya

Uchcha Shuddhikaran Kriya Level - 1

Uchcha Shuddhikaran Level - 2

Adiraj Brahmand Upchar(ABU) - Healing Level - 1



Magic Healing

Mirror Healing

Cord Healing

Transferring Healing

Ball healing

Blow Healing

Push Healing

Adiraj Brahmand Suraksha Kriya – ABSK

Swa Shakti Kriya

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Our Organization  provide most advanced healing techniques. NO MEDICINE,NO OPERATION required just follow our techniques and live a diseases free life  

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