We provide energy healing for all kind of physical, mental and emotional & Spiritual issues. Many incurable disease can be cured from this healing such as
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Hernia
  • Navel Displacement/Dharan/Naaf or navi or energy ball
  • dislocation
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid
  • Kidney malfunctioning
  • Heart Ailments
  • Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes and so
One may cure mental and emotional problems as well like – Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Phobia, Hatred, Jealous etcAt times it also happened that the problem is not diagnosed and it seems incurable which also can be cured by the healing of energy body.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a way through which we can heal our psychological, physiological and financial issues.
There are many kinds of healing like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Rajyog Spiritual Healing, Tao, Chi gung, Theta Healing and so on.
Here we work on aura or energy body and chakras or energy whirling centres. These chakras are responsible for our Psychological, Physiological, Spiritual and financial issues.

Adiraj Brahmand – Raj Divine Healing
 We have tried to make the healing much more effective, yet simple. This is a no drug energy based no touch healing therapy. This is complementary with allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic or any other energy healing therapy. There has no side effect at all. This healing can be used for simple and chronic diseases. Healing techniques are simple yet very effective. One can learn this easily and can apply at any moment. This Divine Healing can be learnt at any age. There is no side effect of this healing at all. If this healing is done properly one may get result on the very first day itself. It can heal all chronic diseases such as stroke, stress, asthma, insomnia, depression, arthritis, diabetes, paralysis, blood pressure, sexual impotency, migraine, mental disorder, menopause etc. It can be used post surgical recovery.
In case of yoga, we conduct our courses and classes on the basis of energy body. While conducting the classes we focus on energy body and make the chart accordingly. Our main focus is to activate the chakras . Proper activation of chakras bring good body health and mind.
Our experienced faculty are fully aware about the activation process of chakras. They have proper knowledge of aura and chakras. Here we work on the different poses for the activation of different chakras. Since we work on energy body and chakras we are aware with the duration and the number of sets of different asanas and pranayamas which makes our service different from others. We conduct stretching, asanas, pranayama etc according to the energy body of the clients. There are many cases where people have got side effect because of not doing yoga properly like- liver burst, headache, malfunctioning of kidney and heart and so on. But here we have the proper knowledge of energy body which is interconnected to physical body so we know the best way to treat our body without any side effect.
We do have different kind of meditation for different purpose like meditation for stress, meditation for concentration, meditation for experiencing peace, meditation for experiencing love, meditation for healing relationship and so on.
Basically, in meditation we work on different chakras and activate them by cleansing and energizing accordingly to get a specific result. Here we use different colors, breathe, sound, mudra, instruments and so on.


There is something which is all around us, something which inside us, something which we are made of and that is energy.

Each and everything has energy start from rye to earth, universe, and start from things to emotions. That entire thing which we can see has energy; that entire thing which we can feel is energy, what we express and what we smell is energy, what we touch has energy; what we take and what we give like emotions, feelings, things is/has energy. We have energy all around us. It is both negative and positive. In short, we live in the corporeal/physical world as well as in the energy world too but we hardly think of it. Yes, we know energy but by different names, by different identities like anger, love, kindness etc.


Characteristics of Energy

  • Energy is sticky
  • Its movable
  • It could be negative or positive
  • It is magnetic
  • Energy always follow thoughts
  • Energy can be send from one place to another place or so many places
  • It can be send from one person to another person or so many persons
  • It could be of any form
  • Different kind of energy have different colors
  • Energy does not have any time limit
  • Energy can be created and destroyed


We as a Creator

Energy is sticky and magnetic in nature. God has given us enormous power to create energy. Many of us are not aware that we are “THE CREATOR”. We have the power to create energy, energy which is all and everywhere, without which nothing exist.

Now the question is how do we create energy? Or, what are the ways through which we create energy?
The answer is when we think something actually we don’t do an ordinary thing, we create energy at that time, when we visualize something then also we create energy. Suppose you are sitting beside a clairvoyant (one who can see energy) and you are visualizing something then he will also see what you are visualizing because you are not only visualizing, you are actually creating energy according to your own will.
There are several ways through which we do create energy in our daily life like thinking, feeling, visualizing, writing, speaking etc. We can create negative energy, positive energy, powerful energy etc.

Problems, Pains, Hurt, Suffer, Lost and Obstacles

We think the same thing which is happening or has happened to us and for which we experience, grieves, pains, sorrows, problems, obstacles etc. In the energy world if we think the same thing may be good or may be bad means we energize that particular thing. So if we think about something for which we suffered a lot, or we hurt a lot, or something bad which has happened or still happening with us then that means we are giving our thought power to that kind of energy and making our condition worse. So, if you got pains and you think continuously about that then you will notice that you will feel more and more pain.
Please make it clear that, to think means to create energy. Remember what we think for us or for others effect the whole environment.
E.g.  I am not a good person
Why these kinds of things always happen with me?
Because of that person I suffered a lot etc.