What kind of classes does Adiraj Brahmand Raj Divine Life provide?
Adiraj Brahmand Raj Divine Life provides classes on Law of karma, Energy World, Meditation, Yoga and Healing.
Is there any qualification required?
No qualification required at all. Only average intelligence will do.
Where these classes can be provided?
These classes can be provides in schools, complexes, apartments, offices, and at your places also.
Why should I do the Basic Adiraj Brahmand Raj Divine Healing course?
We will learn how energy works in our everyday life so that we can understand how problems occur in our life. We will also learn most safe yet effective way of healing through which we can heal physical and mental issues of others and ours as well. We will learn meditation and other technique to heal and solve problems.
Why should I do the intermediate Adiraj Divine Raj Divine Healing course?
Here we learn the advance technique to heal stubborn negative energy. We can do this one to one and distant. We can heal our relationship, wish fulfillment, improving energy level of our house etc.
What is mind?
Mind is the important part of a soul. There are two types of mind subconscious and conscious mind.
Is there any age or cast restriction?
It is for all. In case of children -5+
What Adiraj Brahmand Raj Divine Healing can do?
It can heal all chronic diseases such as stroke, stress, asthma, insomnia, depression, arthritis, diabetes, paralysis, blood pressure, sexual impotency, migraine, mental disorder, menopause etc. It can be used post surgical recovery.
Can a reiki healer or other healer learn this Healing?
Yes of course, in fact it is strongly recommended for them also so that they will not be contaminated with the patient’s disease. It will help them to improve their skill and effect of healing will increase by many times. RDH will greatly shorten their healing time also.
How can it heal relationship issues?
Heal the chakras will heal your relationship also but that’s not sufficient one should also have a proper knowledge of energy, Karma etc.
Will this healings help me in my financial growth?
Yes, if your paris condition will be improved then your financial growth will also be improved. In order to get a proper effect of your financial growth one should go for higher level of RDH course.
Will ABRDL Healings help to get rid of addictions like tobacco, smoking, drinking, drugs etc?
Yes, surely if somebody really wants to give up.
Is there any restriction for healer or healing?
While conducting healing course, we do mention few things which will be beneficial for healing and for healers however in case if you are unable to follow still it will work because we all have energy and here work on energy while healing. It can be done anywhere, anytime while at work also.

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