What is meditation?

Meditation is a process through which one can receive positive energy by relaxing our body and mind. Whole day we tune our mind with different people and we get similar impact of that for e.g., if we tune our mind with somebody who is bad then we receive negative energy, if we tune our mind with somebody who is good then we will receive positive energy. While meditating we tune our mind with Almighty, the one who is the ultimate source of energy by remembering Him or by communicating with Him. Once we start meditation white light started falling on our head, on our aura and chakra and our whole body get filled with positive energy. There are different types of meditation like meditation on aura, meditation on chakra, meditation on mantra, meditation on breathing, meditation on color and so on.


How meditation works

When we meditate, a white spiritual light is started to come from the Supreme power to our crown chakra, negative energy flush out gradually from our auras and chakra with white spiritual energy. As the auras and chakra get cleansed they become bigger in size, which brings peace, calmness, happiness, virtues, powers, arts etc. This white spiritual energy is filled with all positive energy, which is being filled in our energy body while we meditate. As a result of which, after meditating one feel light, calm and pure. Its just like if we have to stay in a room of 5ft/5ft we feel suffocated, blocked and helpless. Similarly, if our energy body or inner aura or etheric body is smaller in shape and size then we feel physically and mentally low, less energetic, less enthusiastic, less confident, less bearing power etc.

Present Condition

As we know that the Iron Age is going on, everybody is in its worst condition of their life. Misery is spreading like sunlight over all. Everybody is perspiring with their own tears. Diseases are dealing out like a dreadful desire of devil. People are starving for two cereals of grain. Dreadful relations like a venomous serpent eat up the peace and happiness of human beings. Jealous, anger, selfishness, greed, revenge, etc are lasting in human beings like a pyramid. Panic of death, apprehension of losing the near and dear ones, unconquerable conditions, monsters like human attitude, tears of blood etc are the true aspect of the humans’ life today.


Let’s make a neat and clean environment around us so that whoever comes in contact with us could feel himself /herself energized, light, calm and happy. We have generated a lot of bad karma in our life consciously and unconsciously, now is the time to generate good karma by spreading the true knowledge of Soul and Supreme Soul, Law of karma and meditation. Heaven is nowhere it was here, lets make this world heaven again, just by changing our thinking, perception and of course meditating….