In this course we will come to know how we can protect our self from unwanted situations and problems. We will understand the reason and its way out logically.

 We will have to understand who welcomes these unwanted situations in our life.

A proper info of what to do and what not to do karma wise. How people create negative energies and welcome problems and unwanted situations. How to deal with the problem which seems impossible to be healed or to be resolved by doing very simple yet extremely effective technique.

Know your own true power and use it in the time of tremendous needs and get result instantly

Swa Shakti Kriya

Know about our true self, how we are connected with different powers in the form of body, who control them and how do they work, what is our strength and condition, how can we use these powers in a specific way to get the desire result or to control the unwanted situation.

People commit suicide because of not been able to handle the situation and not known to their own powers which is very important for each and everybody to survive in this Dark Age. Know more about chakras and how do they work. Know about mind, how does it look like, how does it work, how many types of mind are there and many more. We will also know how people unknowingly bind themselves to something which or whom people never like. Will learn how to get rid of this bondage. Knowing our true self and powers it will be easier to eradicate unwanted energies from life by performing some techniques which will be taught in this course which will help one physically and mentally and emotionally as well. One can expect result on the spot..

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