Yoga – A vehicle of fitness

It is important for a person to have a biological knowledge or anatomy knowledge of a physical body to have a clear idea of our body but to have an idea of only physical body is not enough. It is also important to have an idea of energy body and chakras because energy body and physical body are interconnected. If energy body will be defected then the physical body will be defected too.
How yoga works on energy body?
Energy bodies and chakras are connected with our physical, emotional, mental and financial aspect. We have many chakras in our body major chakras, minor chakras, mini minor chakras and micro mini minor chakras. According to MCKS, we have elevan major chakras. Chakras are like funnel which is made of energy. It rotates clockwise and anticlockwise. When it rotates anticlockwise it expels the negative or used up energy from the chakra and when it rotates clockwise it absorb the positive or fresh energy from the environment.
Because of too much negative energy in the chakras it gets blocked partially or fully and can’t rotate properly. By stretching, contracting pulling or pushing different parts of our body muscles we can activate the chakras to make it rotate properly. That is why it is important to do so physical activities like Free hands, Stretching, Breathing exercise, Asana, acupressure, yoga, etc.


Yoga is a process through which we activate our chakras. Different body position create impact differently on the body muscles such as stretching, contracting, pulling, pushing, folding etc which help chakras to get activated.

Benefits of Yoga

Increases muscular strength and endurance level
Yoga for weight loss and maintaining the sugar level
Channels the energy flow of the body
Enhances the immunity power
Brings the emotional stability and clarity of mind
Reduces Pre- menstrual Syndrome
Makes the body strong and flexible
Increases mental horizon
Production of hormone produces emotional, mental and
physical balances
Reduces stress and problems related to it
Improves the function of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems etc.


Pranayama is the activity of breathing. Different kind of breathing techniques have effects on the different chakras. If we breathe fast then our chakra will rotate quickly. For example: a new born baby’s chakra rotates faster than a chakra of an adult person, because newborns breathe at 35-70 times per minute whereas, adult person breathes 12-20 times per minute. Similarly different kind of breathing techniques have different kind of impact on the chakras like:-
Breathing with jerk e.g., (Kapalbhanti), jerk in our body creates jerk in the chakras which helps it to get activated.
Breathing with one nostril at a time e.g., (Anulome-Vilome), it creates pressure on one side of the chakras to remove blockages.
Breathing with pressure inside the body e.g., (Ujjayi), creates pressure to certain chakras which helps it to get activated or to work properly.
Breathing with pull body parts inside e.g., (Bahya), it works like a acupressure for full belly which activates the chakras of it.

Benefits of Pranayama

Depression etc.