The Shuddhikaran Kriya

Benefits of ShuddhiKaran

 People who practice Shuddhikaran will get results mentioned below:-

  1. Skin glows
  2. Anti aging
  3. Clear vision
  4. Stress Free
  5. Anger free
  6. Anxiety free
  7. Tension free
  8. Jealous free
  9. Fear free
  10. Phobia free
  11. Flexibility in body and mind
  12. Improvement in strength and stamina
  13. Upcoming acute disease will be avoided
  14.  Nerve related issues will be solved
  15.  Bone will be stronger
  16.  Blood quality will improve
  17.  Gynaecologycal issues will be solved
  18.  Diabetes
  19.  Blood pressure
  20.  Acidity
  21.  Irritation
  22.  Bloating
  23.  Addiction
  24. Heaviness in different part of body
  25. Improvement in Impotency
  26. Cramp in different part of body
  27.  Allergies in several different forms
  28.  Solving heart issues
  29.  Solving liver issues
  30.  Solving lungs issues
  31.  Solving kidney issues
  32.  Solving hair related issues
  33.  Solving eyes related issues
  34.  Solving teeth related issues
  35.  Solving muscles related issues and many more.


  • You Can Heal Several Diseases
  •  Build Strong Energy Body
  •  You Can Heal Your Organ
  • Control Your Anger  & Fear & Emotions
  • You Can Heal Others Several Diseases
  • Feel More Confident & Focused
  • The Secret Technique Of Creating Positive Thoughts 24X7
  • How To Live a Medicine Free Life
  • You Will Know The Secret Of Unseen World
  • Reason Behind To Fall Sick
  • How To Generate Good Karma
  • The Secret Of Law Of Karma
  • You Will Get Protocol Of Several Diseases
  • Live A Stress Free, Pain Free & Pressure Free Life


  1. Instant Result
  2. Definition of transferring Healing
  3. Importance of transferring Healing
  4. Power of transferring Energies on the spot
  5. Unwanted cords
  6. Corporeal Requirement
  7. Incorporeal Requirement
  8. Process and Precautions
  9. How do we transfer several things unknowingly.

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